75% of full-time employees are passive job prospects. We'll help you find them.

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Search our extensive Prospect pool for free, only pay if you hire
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Use SGR's Network

We search through the thousands of qualified candidates across SGR's entire recruitment network to find the best fit for your positions.

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Remove Bias

Prospect résumés are shown anonymously, so you can remove any implicit or explicit bias during the initial review of your matches.

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Find your Rock Star

Thousands of passive prospects are just waiting to make your life easier.

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Free Until you Hire

There's no risk, since you only have to pay when you hire someone we match you with.

SGRecruiter combines SGR's knowledge and experience in recruiting high-quality candidates with TeamZac's innovative approach to problem solving to give local governments a cost-effective and HR-friendly way to hire the best people.

• How it works •


Post your Position

Create a position on SGRecruiter and specify the skills and experience you’re looking for. Need an accountant with a degree, management experience, and a background in cash flow analysis? No problem!


Review your Matches

View your matches' anonymous profiles. We remove any chance for unintended bias by hiding identifying features such as age, race, and gender. Choose your top prospects solely on the merit of their credentials.


Connect with Prospects

Chat with prospects you're interested in, and when you're ready, invite them to unmask to view their full profile.


Interview & Hire

Once you're found some great leads, set up interviews and continue through your normal hiring process. Only pay for SGRecruiter if you hire someone you unmask!

Simple Pricing

SGRecruiter is $5,000 per position, with no hidden fees and no charge unless you hire a prospect that you unmasked*. Contact us for more information about our Unlimited Plan.

* By default, you will only see the anonymous profiles of prospects matched to your position. To view more information and/or request an interview, you'll need to "Unmask" the prospect. If you hire someone that you unmasked in SGRecruiter, you will be charged the flat per-position fee.

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